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The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

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worldsbestrestaurant001Organised by Restaurant magazine, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 900 international restaurant industry experts. What constitutes “best” is left to the judgement of these trusted and well-travelled gourmets.

There is no pre-determined check-list of criteria; for example an interesting experience in a simple establishment, where exceptional innovation was discovered, could be judged better than a more opulent meal from a widely feted restaurant team. The results are a simple computation of votes.

Given that this well-constructed list is based on personal experiences it can never be definitive, but we believe it is an honourable survey of current tastes and a credible indicator of the best places to eat around the globe.

Fine Dinning Lovers presets a video capturing all the celebrations at the “Worlds 50 Best Restaurants 2013”

The Words Best Woman Chef: Nadia Santini


Dal Pescatore, Mantova, Italy

Dal Pescatore is the only kitchen Santini has ever worked in, making her ascension to the pinnacle of the restaurant game all the more extraordinary

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