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The biggest sandwich in the world

The biggest sandwich in the world

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During the 4th Annual fair HO.RE.KA. that took place in Athens Greece, on the 23rd of January, the Greece chefs association accomplished to break the world Guinness record for the biggest sandwich ever made. The sandwich was 55 meters long.
For the preparation and presentation of the giant bread took among other ingredients 400 kilos of flour, 300 eggs, 25 kilos of butter, 5 kilos of salt, 20 kilos of yeast, 15 kilos of sugar 80 liters of milk and 200 liters of water.
For the filing it’s been used 50 kilos of butter, 100 kilos grilled vegetables, 150 kilos mayonnaise, 50 kilos mustard, 60 kilos ketchup, 120 kilos of cheese, 250 kilos of charquterries and 50 kilos of sun dried tomatoes

sand1 sand2

sand3 sand4


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