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Cyprus Tourist Organization and “Cyprus cuisine seminar”

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Cyprus Tourist organization organized with success seminar for Cyprus cuisine on 6/5/2009 with participation of professionals from range of restaurants. Andonis one more time he present with love new Cyprus dishes in modern way, giving tips and advises for our local cuisine and demonstrate different dishes based on fish and sea food.

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Aroma & Colour in the Kitchen at the Wedding Exhibition

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The splendid cooking book “Colour & Perfume of Cuisine” was represented at the wedding exhibition that took place at the International Exhibition Centre of Nicosia on the 9th of January 2009! Its presence was impressive! The Minister of Health Mr. Christos Patsalidis was very enthusiastic and didn’t miss the opportunity to be photographed with the book and with the writers Antoni and George.





The biggest sandwich in the world

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During the 4th Annual fair HO.RE.KA. that took place in Athens Greece, on the 23rd of January, the Greece chefs association accomplished to break the world Guinness record for the biggest sandwich ever made. The sandwich was 55 meters long.
For the preparation and presentation of the giant bread took among other ingredients 400 kilos of flour, 300 eggs, 25 kilos of butter, 5 kilos of salt, 20 kilos of yeast, 15 kilos of sugar 80 liters of milk and 200 liters of water.
For the filing it’s been used 50 kilos of butter, 100 kilos grilled vegetables, 150 kilos mayonnaise, 50 kilos mustard, 60 kilos ketchup, 120 kilos of cheese, 250 kilos of charquterries and 50 kilos of sun dried tomatoes

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Molecule cuisine seminar from El Bulli restaurant

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The Spanish world famous chef Alain Devahive from El Bulli restaurant was invited at the 4th Annual fair HO.RE.KA Athens, on the 24 of January to present molecule cuisine seminar.
The guest list was very limited and selected.  Alain managed to impress with his techniques and his special ability to deliver many unknown methods of molecule cuisine.  Also among the guests were the “Cychefs”.

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4th International HORECA exhibition in Athens – January 2009

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During the four-day period between the 23rd and 26th of August,  the café/restaurant and hotel exhibition was held in the old airport east of Athens, with more than 350 exhibitors, 300 thousand visitors and many cooking presentations and competitions conducted with impeccable organization. Among the exhibitors were also two Cypriots with their own kiosks that impressed the crowds. In the photographs are George and Antonis in kiosks of KEO and coffee care.

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World Food Day

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October is considered to be a nutritionally sound month since the 16th of October marks World Food Day, the 20th of October is World Osteoporosis Day, and the 26th of October is World Obesity Day.

Unfortunately, instead of celebrating the abundance of virtues offered to us by our planet, World Food Day will address the 2 extreme epidemics of undernutrition and obesity. This can very easily be considered an oxymoron but it remains the reality. At the same time famine is experienced by those less fortunate on our planet there is an extreme abundance and over use of food by the ‘developed’ part of the planet – note that the populations more likely to experience food abundance are those populations that suffer from heart disease, diabetes and other such diseases that associate with food intake.

The basic human right is the right to clean; safe food and it should be above all other large scale company interests. This right to safe food is especially true when statistics show that 10% of children in developed countries under the age of 5 suffer from diseases that are associated with undernutrition. Imagine statistics for underdeveloped countries…

Food is more than just a product. It is a fundamental human right. This should be a major priority on the agendas of governments and companies worldwide. The 1996 Rome Conference on Nutrition noted that true progress on the matter at hand will be made when the poor of the planet have the resources to feed themselves.

Cyprus Cuisine in the Heart of Moscow

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In an ambitious plan to promote the Cyprus cuisine outside the island, Andonis Nicolaou of CyChefs has just finished setting up the first out of a series of Cyprus restaurants at the heart of Moscow.  With specific aroma and taste of Cyprus cuisine Andonis prepared carefully not only the menu but also consulted in the decoration and set-up of this authentic restaurant specializing only in Cyprus cuisine – the first one in Moscow!  All recipes are traditional Cypriot dishes presented in a contemporary style, full of respect and passion – ready to hit the so demanding Russian clients!


The first restaurant is anticipated to open its doors mid October 2009 and the interest shown by the gastronomic players of Moscow can be simply defined as stunning!  The name of the restaurant? Take a guess…

… It’s called “Palea Pafos” which translates to “Old Pafos” or in Russian “Ctapbin ΠΑΦΟΣ”…