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Space beer

Space beer

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The first beer to be consumed in space is now a fact proving that, even the most particular travelers are entitled to alcohol. Australian brewer “4 Pines” innovates and manufactures “ Vostok – 4 Pines Stout” which is the first space beer intended for consumption in scheduled trips of Space Tourism. It is specifically designed to meet the distinct conditions in spacecrafts and is in reality a beer with a stronger flavor and less froth. In space the astronauts face and tongue swell and the sense of taste weakens; thus, this astro-beer has additional chocolate syrup and caramel to enhance the flavor, while retaining its characteristics. Moreover, the new beer will be less bubbly, and due to the lack of gravity in space will not allow the separation of gases and liquids during belching. All tasting trials are done through controls in microgravity environments, resembling those on a real spacecraft. The researchers during the flight drank 6 samples of 150ml and then monitored the body temperature, heart rate and absorption of alcohol. The tests so far have been described as successful and the beer may accompany astronauts on one of their next trips.


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