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New Recipe Book: “Cookery Baton”

New Recipe Book: “Cookery Baton”

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Andonis Nikolaou – Christos Kyriakou

From Father To Son…

The love for cooking, the passion for creativity, the respect for tradition, the culinary roots and years of experience along with the professional collaboration of father and son, led to the writing of the book titled “Cooking Baton”.  A book with recipes of our Country, the produce of our land, the aromas of our garden.

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Both Father and Son we were raised with our grandmothers and our mothers’ food, the humble tradition of our Country.  We decited to maintain, translate and convey all these flavors to the young and upcoming generations of cooks, housewives and mothers.  To remind locals and foreigners, that the Cypriot Cuisine was, Is and will always be the crown of customs, our culture, morals and our passion.  So, cook with us with love and zeal, jog in everyone’s memory the greatness of of Cypriot Gastronomy and uphold our tradition with passion and respect.

“Love for cooking is love for creation” (CyChefs)


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