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Innovative Butchery for Cyprus Restaurants & Culinary Students

Innovative Butchery for Cyprus Restaurants & Culinary Students

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TWO seminars held on Thursday 1 March demonstrated new butchery techniques and meat quality to Cyprus food service sector. At the Nicosia University 85 students from five hospitality and culinary colleges (Intercollege, Casa College, American College, Kes College and Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus) were shown innovative ways of butchering lamb and beef and the influence of raw material on the quality of the serving.  The seminar was jointly organized by Intercollege, Cyprus Chefs’ Association, the University of Nicosia and EBLEX, the English Meat Board.  Meanwhile, 22 professional cooks, members of Cyprus Chefs’ Association, witnessed new butchery techniques by Master Butcher Viv Harvey and beef and lamb cookery demonstrations by talented English Chef Jenny Jones at the Four Season Hotel in Limassol.

On the previous evening, a reception hosted by High Commissioner Matthew Kidd was held at the British Residence in honour of Cyprus Chefs’ Association.

JP Garnier, Head of Marketing for EBLEX said: “The objective of these demonstrations is to increase the variety of meat cuts and preparations for Cyprus Chefs and improve the end results on restaurants’ plates. We also aim to raise awareness regarding the quality of English meat.  These two events were very well received and we already envisage furthering our fruitful collaboration with Cyprus food service organizations”.

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Seminar for the Professionals in “Four Seasons Hotel”:
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