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Ice cream Fair in Cyprus

Ice cream Fair in Cyprus

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On the 25th of September the Tourist Development Forum of Nicosia successfully organized the ‘Cypriot Ice cream Fair’ for the second consecutive year. The fair was brought about with the cooperation of the Cyprus Tourism Association, the Nicosia Municipality and the Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. Over fifteen thousand people were able to taste various creations all in reference to ice cream.

The Cyprus Chefs Association was also present at the fair with Paniko Theodosiou, Omiro Iliadi, George Kyprianou and Andonis Nicolaou all actively participating in the event. In fact, they were responsible for preparing sweet dumplings and other sweets that make great accompaniments to ice cream.

As always, CyChefs were present (George and Andonis) – to give valuable advice and recipes to the public.

icecream101 icecream102

icecream103 icecream104

icecream2010 icecream2010b



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