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Global Chef of the year 2008

Global Chef of the year 2008

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Andonis Charalambous a full member of the Cyprus Olympic Culinary Team, Sous Chef in the Meridien Resort Hotel and the Cyprus Chef of the year 2006, is the distinguished member of Cyprus Association who is going to represent Cyprus at the semi finals of the “Global Chef of the year”2008.The whole event will take place in Slovenia in October. The participants will be coming from all continents (7).

The competition will consist of a three-course menu in the form of a “mystery basket”. All the Chefs will be evaluated not only in cooking skills but also in terms of their knowledge related to combining wine and other beverages with the three-course menu.The whole event is under the auspices of Wacs (World Association of Chefs society).The final competition for “Global Chef of the year” will take place in Dubai 2008.

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