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Gastronomia – Gastrognosia 2012 Exhibition

Gastronomia – Gastrognosia 2012 Exhibition

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GASTRΟNOMIA –GASTROGNOSIA exhibition was created in 1995 with the purpose to cover the needs of professionals in the industry of food productions, by giving them the chance to learn the recent developments and innovations in the fields of gastronomic pastry and bakery as well as kitchen machinery and equipment for restaurants and hotels.
The exhibition is organized by Georgallis Fair & Easy Systems Ltd, in co-operation with the Cyprus Chefs Association, the Confectioners Federation and the Pancyprian Bakers Association. These Associations have created the PanCyprian competitions of cooking, pastry and bakery’s art, by offering to Cypriots and foreign professional’s their own space for contests and promotion.  Through these competitions the professionals, who will represent Cyprus abroad to the international competitions, will be revealed.
The exhibition is also supported by other professional associations such as CYPRUS ASSOCIATION OF BARTENDERS, with their own competitions, PANCYPRIAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION and RESTAURANTS ASSOCIATION, giving a unique opportunity for all companies dealing with products and services in the food industry to be distinguished and come into direct contact with professionals during the GASTRONOMIA-GASTROGNOSIA exhibition.
The exhibition is organized every year in February or early in March, at the State Fair and it is considered to be a great feast for the food industry. The exhibition is also open for the public, giving the opportunity to fans of quality kitchen and good food to meet the companies dealing with food, drinks and equipment and to attend competitions of cooking, baking and bartending.



GASTRONOMIA – GASTROGNOSIA 2012 is planned to take place from the 2 – 4 MARCH 2012 at the State Fair in Nicosia.


Companies dealing with food, beverage, raw materials and finished products for cooking, pastry and bakery, equipment for restaurants – hotels – bakeries and pastry shops, machinery, packaging, catalogues, disposable products, hygiene products, accessories, uniforms, professional vehicles, plates, glasses, dinner service and kitchen tools and generally everything related with food, beverages and equipment from Cyprus and other Countries, are entitled to take place in the exhibition.



The exhibition is visited by professional chefs, confectioners, bakers, bartenders, hotel and restaurant owners and managers, and also people working in foodservice, food arts schools, and practitioners from Cyprus and abroad .


In the exhibition companies involved in the food industry have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the professionals whom they are interested for and present their latest developments, technologies and styles of products and services, with demonstrations, applications, seminars and presentations, from the site of exposure to a different approach towards the professionals. Alongside the retailers have the opportunity to demonstrate and test their products to the public visiting the exhibition.


GASTRONOMIA – GASTROGNOSIA Exhibition 2012 will be advertised in general media, but also in specialized magazines and websites involved with cooking. Invitations will be sent to professionals through the co-operating associations and via specialized magazines and websites. This year the campaign will be about €30.000 and it will include:

  • 4 Magazines
  • 4 radio stations
  • 2 Newspapers
  • 1 TV channel
  • Specialized cooking websites


CYPRUS BARTENDERS ASSOCIATION will this year organize:

  • First Non – Alcoholic Cocktail Competition where the winner will be traveling to Czech Republic and represent Cyprus in 3rd Non – Alcoholic Cocktail Championship (The best Non – Alcoholic Cocktail in the World) on Grand Mattoni Drink 2012.
  • Junior Cocktail Championship for students of Technical Schools
  • 2nd Pancyprian Cocktail Competition – Cocktails with base of local variety of wines in cooperation with Wine Product Council (SAP)


With the admission ticket visitors can enter a draw and have the chance to win a professional THERMO MIX, an offer of EMENENTIA TRADING.

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