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Gastronomia Fair 2012 – Competitions Results

Gastronomia Fair 2012 – Competitions Results

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The biyearly food and beverage exhibition ‘Gastronomia – Gastrognosia 2012’ was held at the Cyprus fair grounds between the 2th and 4th of March. The exhibition was organized by Giorgallis Fair Ltd, The Cyprus Chefs Association and the Cyprus pastry federation. Mrs. Praxoula Andoniadou, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, opened the exhibit to the public at the inaugural ceremony and what continued was in short, a highly successful exhibition. More than 60 companies and organizations participated and presented new products and services. Thousands of people visited the exhibit, of which 3 thousands were professionals in the culinary arts, hotel and tourism industries. Various demonstrations and displays that were organized included the Barmen associations’ presentation of an assortment of cocktails and recipe presentations from well known Cypriot chefs. The Cyprus Chefs Association once again assembled cooking competitions both in the savoury and sweet departments and both for professionals and college students. With the availability of the fully updated competition kitchens, excellent live competitions were carried out. The kitchens were a large contribution from the Angelo PO company which is represented by the Anco cooperation in Cyprus.
The results from the most popular competitions were as follows:
  • Chef of the Year was awarded Mr Stavros H Kyriacos (Four Seasons Hotel) – Sponsored by: Xiouros & Demetriou hotel equipment and Amaxulus
  • Confectioner of the Year was awarded to Mr. Michael Mavromoustakis from the Le Meridien Resort Hotel – Sponsored by: “Bake Art“.
  • Young Chef of the Year was awarded to Mr. George Aristidou from the Four Seasons Hotel – Sponsored by: IHRC.
  • For the “grand prix”, a competition in which 3 chefs and 1 sommelier were included to do the service, the winner was “FOUR SEASONS HOTEL” – Sponsored by: LONGMEN

The judges for these competitions included well known Cypriot chefs and world renowned chefs that flew in just for the exhibition: Mr. Tony Jackson from Scotland, Mr. Vella Josef from Malta, Mr. Camille Shumacher from Luxemburg, Mr. Spyros Ilia from Cyprus, Mr. Marios H Iosif from Cyprus, Mr. George Damianou from Cyprus, Mr. Andreas Vouzounis from Cyprus, Mr. Giannakis Agapiou from Cyprus, Mr. Nikos H Christoforou from Cyprus, Mr. Charis Philippou from Cyprus.

The Cyprus Chefs Association would like to thank all the sponsors, supporters and the exhibitioners that partook in this year’s Gastronomia – Gastrognosia and to all those that helped make it once again, a truly successful exhibition.


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