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Famagusta C.C.A Charity Dinner

Famagusta C.C.A Charity Dinner

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On the 10th of February 2011, the Famagusta C.C.A charity dinner, with a goal to financially support the foundation of Saint Paul, took place with great success.

Mr Iliades Ministry of Agriculture many deputies and over 1500 people honored the dinner with their presence!  All dishes were prepared by the members of the Famagusta C.C.A. The products and sweets were offered from many companies and confectionaries with great willingness and support for this special cause.  The committee of the C.C.A. would like to express their warmest gratitude to all those who contributed in the organization of this event, which has become a yearly event in the calendar of the Cyprus Chefs Association.

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CCAfam2011d CCAfam2011e


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