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Cyprus Cuisine in the Heart of China

Cyprus Cuisine in the Heart of China

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As part of the celebrations of the Republic of Cyprus presidency and through the events of our embassy in Beijing from 9 to 13 October, a group of Cypriot Chefs, singers from Limassol and a group of traditional folk dances charmed and passed on the aroma, the colour and the flavour of the Cyprus culture to the Chinese guests.

The events were organised for 5 consecutive nights in the Hilton Hotel and the Gallery Hotel in Beijing. The nights were under the auspices of the Cypriot Embassy and the great sponsor of the events was KANIKA Hotels.

The attendees had the opportunity to taste and enjoy traditional dishes, desserts and salads and to taste Cypriot wines, Zivania and Commandaria. The singers have managed to dress up the evenings with beautiful songs and more. Our traditional dances charmed the audience and have left the best impressions.

The presence of KANIKA Hotels lead by executive chef Andonis Nicolaou (cychefs), Marianna Makromalli (Head Pastry Chef) and Chef Fragkeskos Mastrou, has literally stolen the show.

The evening commenced with the sound of the national anthems of both countries, followed by the opening speech from our ambassador in China, in the presence of government personalities, businessmen, members of the Local Authorities and crowds.

As part of the twelve-day stay, the Cypriot delegation also had the opportunity to visit several attractions in Beijing and to try authentic Chinese creations and furthermore, to establish a culinary bridge between China and Cyprus.

It is many times that the CyChefs have presented and supported our country’s cuisine, each one in his own way. They have collaborated with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and have continued to offer seminars and training at all levels for the gastronomy of Cyprus.  Therefore, maintain and spread the Cypriot cuisine to your kids, because it is no coincidence that we today impress the distant country of China.

The days are difficult and the worst is yet to follow (we do not wish this) this is why we must invest in our tourist and gastronomic industry which is nevertheless one of our only (if not the only) strong, economic strength and motivation.

Our wish and hope is to continue such events for the good of Cyprus and our people.

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