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Charity Event on Behalf of the “Love Child Day”

Charity Event on Behalf of the “Love Child Day”

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On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Was held at the Four Seasons a charity dinner, which organized by the Round table 6. The event was dedicated to the “love child day”.

The dinner stunned the 300 guests were 4-course menu and cooked gratis members of Cyprus chefs Association. The net income profit from the event will go to Fund “love child day”

On behalf of the organizers Mr. Michael Papaefagorou thanked all those who had assist in making dinner. Mr Michael Papaevagorou during his speech thanked with flattering expressions all members and the Board of Cyprus Chefs Association.

In a brief speech by the chairman of the Chefs Association Mr Panikkos Hadjitofi, thanked all colleagues who have dedicated their free time to make this perfect dinner and stressed that the Cypriot Chefs believe always on such charity events and they are offering their efforts cordially and with pleasure for our fellowman

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