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The Euro is… sweet

The Euro is… sweet

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A delicious “Euro-cake” prepare with ingredients of the Mediterranean diet was promoted by the chefs of the European Federation of Confectioners, celebrating the 50 years of EC.

Current affairs are spoon fully given in our dish and is eaten. With the locking of the transformation of pounds in Euros, the Cypriot confectioners decided to provide in Cyprus, cake with the same subject and giving it the name “Euro – cake” It is not a Cypriot patent, neither a communication trick. It is the official sweet of the European Union, which is provided in all the member countries, after the constitution of the European Federation of Confectioners. The idea began from the German Presidency in agreement with the World Federation of Confectioners, in May 2007, in the frame of planning of the events for the fifty years of the European Union. This European sweet, is manufactured with materials of the Mediterranean diet, presented during the event the fifty years of the EC, where the Chairman of Cyprus Federation Confectioners Mr Costas H’ Christodoulou was present.

The creators of “Euro – cake” offered the recipe to all the confectioners advising them at the same time to provide it to their countries.

The “Euro – cake can be found in the traditional confectioneries of Cyprus.

The  promotion of Euro-cake

The Cyprus federation of Confectioners, after mature thought, has decided to present the “Euro – cake” for the time in Cyprus, on the same day of the transformation of the pound in to Euro.

That day was officially celebrated during the event taking place at the offices of the European committee representatives in Cyprus on the 10th of July in the presence of the head of the Ambassadors of the European countries and members of Cyprus Parliament Mr Themis Themistocleous as well as the Executive director of the Central bank and other officials.

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