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Wagama and passion fruit salad

Assorted leafs for salad

2 Shredded carrots

100 gr Dry wagama leafs

Fresh pineapple cubes

8 fresh passion fruits

2 bananas

For the dressing:


2 fresh apples peeled

3 onions in slices

350 gr rape oil

30 gr Tabasco

200 gr soy sauce

1 glove garlic




Soak first the wagama leafs in cold water for 10 minutes and then drain them very well.

Blend all the ingredients for dressing on high speed in mixer.

Mixed the salad with dressing and set in four plates topped with carrots, pineapple and banana slices.

On top add the wagama leafs.

Cut the passion fruits and with a tea spoon take all the fruit.

Topped the salad and serve.


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