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Sushi for Beginners

  1. When eating sushi 12 pieces per person is more than enough.
  2. If you are eating sushi as part of a Japanese meal, then four pieces per person is fine.
  3. Sushi is the ultimate finger food, made by hand and traditionally eaten with hands, not  chopsticks.
  4. If you are in a sushi bar order sushi by the piece, if you are seated at a table order a main meal and sushi.
  5. Take a piece of sushi and dip just the fish side into the soy sauce – the rice will break up if you try dipping it.
  6. The most common mistake when eating sushi is to drown it in soy sauce, this will make you look like an amateur.
  7. If sushi is eaten as part of a main meal it should be served last, you don’t want to fill yourself with sushi before the main meal arrives.
  8. When ordering sushi don’t forget the pickles and seaweed, a plate of tempura also goes well.
  9. Temaki is the Japanese sandwich, so eat it like a cold sandwich with your hands.
  10. Never stand chopsticks in your food or play with them. Stant them on chopstick stant.
  11. Sake, popular Japanese drink should be drunk warm.
  12. When eating assorted sushi don’t forget to clean your taste with a small piece of pickled ginger.

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