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Strawberry Mousse Charlotte


White sponge cake or small boudoir biscuits

Strawberry mousse or creme patisserie with strawberries

Whipped fresh cream or meringue

Fresh red strawberries


3 egg whites 80gr

1/2cup sugar 150gr

2 cups mashed or finely sliced strawberries

3 gelatin leaves

250gr whipped fresh cream


In a bowl whip the cream then cover it and store in the refrigerator.

Make the meringue , when it is at the right consistency fold in the melted gelatin ( to melt the gelatin brake the gelatin leaves into a small pot with some cold water put this over a gentle heat till melted then remove pot from the heat.)

Fold the mashed or finely sliced fresh strawberries into the meringue mixture then gently fold in the whipped cream

Charlotte method:

Choose the required mold – cake tin, individual or family size.

Cover the base and the sides with an equal layer of either sponge cake or boudoir biscuits.

Sprinkle the base and sides lightly with some scented sugar syrup.

Spoon in the mousse or the strawberry patisserie onto the sponge and garnish accordingly with fresh strawberries whipped cream or meringue which you can then using a blow torch singe lightly to give it a golden brown edging.

Serve with a ball of strawberry ice cream on a small strawberry salad.

Decorate using your imagination.


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