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Spaghetti with turkey fillet, fresh cream and smoked bacon

½ kilo dry spaghetti

400 gr. Turkey fillet cut in small cubes

200 gr. Smoked bacon in stripes

4 soup spoons olive oil

1 garlic glove chopped

½ tea cup white wine

½ lt. Fresh cream

2 egg yolks


Freshly ground pepper

Parmesan cheese


Boiled pasta in salted water or stock for 8-9 minutes.

Same time head the olive oil and fry lightly the turkey cubes.

Before gets colours add garlic and bacon.

Add the wine and leave to reduce well.

Pure the fresh cream and continue cooking until the sauce is ready.

Drain spaghetti and add them direct to cream sauce.

Correct the seasoning and toss well.

Before serving add the egg yolks, mix well and serve with plenty of cheese.


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