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September 09

Sift the baking powder

Remember to always sift the baking powder with the Maida at the time of making the cake.

Old baking powder

Never use baking powder which is more than a year old. Check the manufacturing date on the container.

Cooling the hot cakes

Permit the cake to cool for sometime before you remove it from the tin.

Testing the cooking of a cake

Test your cake with a clean knife at the place where the cake has raised the most, i.e. at the highest point, before removing from the oven.

Heavy Cake:

Too little baking powder; too much flour; mixture not creamed enough; flour mixed too vigorously; oven too slow.


Did you know there are over 15,000 varieties of rice?

Lobster, a poor man’s food

In 18th century Maine, lobster was so plentiful it was commonly used as farm fertilizer! In the 19th century, lobster was called a Poor Man’s Food

Caesar salad

1924-The Caesar Salad was created

“kapu” bananas

Until the early 1800s in Hawaii, most banana varieties were ‘kapu’ – forbidden for women of Hawaii to eat, under penalty of death.

French fries

French fries are not French, they’re Belgian.

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