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November 08

Ghee butter

Ghee is the Indian word for clarified butter. It’s good for frying because it has the milk solids and salt removed which means it doesn’t scorch as quickly as butter.


French butter

Have you thought about trying a European butter? French-style butters have a higher percentage of fat than mass-produced butters. As a result the water content is lower, making the butter more flavorful (but also more expensive).



Before cooking capers they should be soaked in warm water for ten minutes and then patted dry with kitchen paper.


Enzyme fruits

Fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and oranges are enzyme marinades that work really well with Asian flavors like coriander roots, garlic and chilli. These marinades are strong – just an hour would be fine for seafood and only slightly longer for red meat.


Marinated chicken

Chicken needs less time to marinade than red meat, although if you’re using a dairy-based marinade it’s fine to leave overnight.


Black rice

According to Chinese legend black rice was once reserved exclusively for the emperor.



Making your own mayonnaise is easy. The trick is not to add your oil too fast because, if you do, the egg yolk can’t absorb it and the mixture will split.
If this happens, don’t throw the mixture out.
Start again with a couple of egg yolks. Then, instead of adding oil add your split mixture.


Soy sauce

Soy sauce is an amazing liquid. It’s salty, tart, sweet, tangy and aromatic.
Soy sauce is a mix of fermented black soy beans and wheat.


Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables can be pureed and added to a tomato pasta sauce for an exotic change.


Tenderized with lemon juice

Mixing the lemon juice with oil ensures that the juice doesn’t burn the meat while the citric acid from the lemon breaks down the protein, making the meat tender.
You can add whatever flavors you fancy. Some favorites are garlic, ginger and fresh herbs.


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