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Mediterranean salad with seafood

1 kilo seafood (scallops, oysters, mussels, quinces, cuttlefishes, octopus, prawns)

350 gr. of greens (different sorts of salad) broken into pieces, such as lettuce, rocket, spinach, radish etc.

200 gr. egg noodles

For the dressing :

20 ml apple vinegar

20 ml rice vinegar

40 ml soy sauce

40 ml ketchup

40 gr. brown sugar


In a small pan heat all the ingredients for the dressing, bring to boil until the sauce starts to thicken.

Take off the fire and leave to cool

Heat the noodles in salty water for 4 – 6 minutes, cool and strain

Wash the shellfish in running water and scald for 3 – 4 minutes

Cook the rest of the seafood in water until soft, strain the excess water and leave to cool.

In a bowl, mix the greenery and half of the dressing. Divide into four plates.

Mix the seafood and the noodles with the remaining salad dressing, and place them up on top of the salad in the prepared plates.


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