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May 09

Peeled onions
If you stick you tongue out while chopping onions it will stop you crying. Alternatively, chop the onion close to a running tap.   Apparently the chemicals in the onions go for the nearest source of liquid.


A quick and effective way to “Smoke” food at home
Take the tea out of about 10 tea bags (or use loose tea) and mix together with 8 oz. of demerara sugar and 8 oz. of long grain rice.
Line a Wok with tinfoil, put the above mixture on top and cover with another piece of foil. Lay your trout, salmon, chicken breast or duck (whatever you are cooking) on top of the foil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cover with lid.  Leave to cook on a gradual heat for about 15/20 minutes.
This will give the food a delicious “smoked” taste.  Be warned, however, it does make a rather pungent smell in your kitchen.


Green mouldy on cheese
Put two or three lumps of sugar in with the cheese to stop it going green mouldy.


Grilled pork chops
If you want your pork chops to taste even better, sprinkle with soy sauce as you grill them on the cooker or barbeque.


Remove fat from soups
To remove fat from soups or gravies, take the outside leaves from a Romaine lettuce which you would normally throw away and wipe them over the soup or gravy.   The fat adheres to the leaf beautifully.


Cooking older birds
If you have to cook a hen (i.e. older bird) which usually take much longer than the young chicken place a heavy metal knife and fork (MUST BE ALL METAL NO WOOD OR PLASTIC) inside the boiling water along with the bird and you will cut the cooking time by more than a half.  This also works well with most hard to cook meats (turkey, pork) it even works with potatoes.


Slicing onions
Rub your hands with vinegar before and after slicing onions – this will eliminate the smell.


Peeling onions
If you forget to do the above – When peeling onions and the scent is on your hands, just run the cold water and rub hands with olive oil soap. Works like magic.


Foam from boiling
To prevent foam from forming and boiling over when boiling pasta in water, put a couple of drops of vegetable oil in the water.


Cut brownies
An easy way to cut brownies is to use a plastic knife.




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