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May 08

Excess fat from soup and stock
To remove excess fat from soup and stock, fill a plastic bag with ice and drag it across the surface. The fat will cling to the ice cold bag.

Lose weight
Eat vegetable soup as a starter to lose weight; the fibre causes the rest of the meal to pass through your digestive system more quickly

Roll the dough into a sausage
Save time when making biscuits, instead of cutting lots of individual round shapes, just roll the dough into a sausage, refrigerate until hard and cut slices off it.

Crispy biscuits
For really crispy biscuits, use half flour and half corn flour.

Soup spoon
Need to weigh 80g of flour and no scale? Take a soup spoon. A soup spoon contains 10gr of flour, repeat the operation eight times and you have 80gr. Sugar or salt will give you a 15gr soup spoon.

Peel peppers
To peel peppers easily, place them under the grill. The skin starts burning. Leave until warm and place in a plastic bag for a good hour. Then remove the skin.

To make shortbread
To make shortbread with a delicious luxury taste, add a tablespoon of custard powder to the raw mixture.

Peeling hard-boiled eggs
If you have trouble peeling hard-boiled eggs, crack the shells and soak them in cold water for a minute or two, then the shells will split off easily

Undercooked boiled egg
If you have undercooked a boiled egg, just pop the top back on and wrap the egg in cling film. Place gently back into the pan and finish of the cooking.

Fresh grapes
To check if a bunch of grapes is fresh, shake the bunch gently. If any grapes fall off, they are not fresh.


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