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Grilled tender deer fillet with grilled potatoes and granny apples

8 small deer fillets about 60 gr each

For the marinate:

4 soup spoons honey

4 soup spoons fresh orange juice

2 soup spoons light soy sauce

½ tea spoon garlic paste

½ tea spoon ginger paste


8 small fresh potatoes

2 apple granny

4 large wild mushrooms


Remove all the excess fat from the fillets. Cut in small tournedos approximant 60 grams each.

Put them in large bowl, cover with marinate and keep them in fridge over a night.

Wash the potatoes very well and cut them in slices with the skin on. Cook both sides on the grill and brush them with pure olive oil time to time.

Remove the fillets from marinate, leave them for few minutes to dry and put them on the grill to cook. Turn them time to time on both sides. Same time cook the mushrooms and apple slices on the grill.

In deep sauce pan add the marinate and start to boil until get a thick texture.

In the middle of the plates arrange the potatoes, topped with deer fillets, apple slices and grilled mushrooms, drizzled with sauce and serve.


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