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Grilled Beef tenderloin, leeks flavoured with sage, mango and coconut milk sauce

4 beef tenderloins 250 gr each

2-3 soup spoons vegetable oil

2 leeks cut in fine thin sticks

2-3 fresh sage leaves

For the sauce:

½ glass mango purée

½ glass coconut milk

1 green chopped chilli pepper

½ tea spoon ginger paste

½ tea spoon garlic paste


After you season fillets with salt and pepper flash fry them in non stick sautéé pan on both sides. After they took color, finish the cooking in hot oven on 200c on your perfection.

Sauté the leeks on medium fire in non stick pan until soft. Add the sage leaves and season with salt and pepper.

Blend in mixer all the ingredients for the sauce and warm it in small casserole.

Divide sauce in 4 serving dishes, put the hot steak in the middle, topped with leeks and serve.


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