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February 09

Crispy Samosas

To make Samosas crisper add some corn flour in dough.


Cooking rice

Add a few drops of limejuice and a tsp. of ghee to rice before boiling to separate each grain.


Red beetroots
A little lime juice added to beetroot will make them a brilliant red colour.


Cleaning your crystals

Add a tsp. each, of salt and vinegar to soap water for washing crystals and crockery to make them crystal clean and sparkling.


Pot plans

Pot-plants – The next time you boil eggs, use the cooled water, which is now filled with minerals from the eggs, to give your pot-plants a good, nourishing drink.


Oil substitute

If you don’t have any oil at hand when doors and hinges begin to squeak, you will find that a smear of butter or margarine is a good


Spicier dish

Use chilli oil (given in tips and hints) instead of the ordinary oil, if you want to make the dish spicier.


Over salted curry

If you happen to put excess salt in the curry, cut a raw potato into about 10 pieces and drop them into the curry & leave for 15 min. They will absorb the excess salt. Remove the pieces before serving.


Tomato puree

Make tomato puree in bulk. Transfer to ice cube trays and freeze. Put the frozen cubes in a thick polythene bag. Store in the freezer and use ready puree cubes as required. Will keep for over 3 weeks in the freezer


Washing vegetables

Add some salt or vinegar drops while washing vegetables and greens to make them clean and germ free, eg. Cauliflower, spinach, etc

 feb09jCrispy Samosas

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