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February 08

Olive Oil Facts

  • Never judge an olive oil from its color. Some may add false color to fool you.
  • The best way to evaluate your olive oil is to smell and taste it. If it has a flavor and aroma that initiates positive emotions, then it is good.
  • All olive oils come from a village, even those that are sold by companies – small or big! Buying olive oil from a respectable company, then you are sure of the quality and the truthfulness of the olive oil. Buying a container without any label, you can never be sure about its content, as no one officially bears the responsibility for it.
  • The so called “Salad Oil” is not olive oil, but a combination of pomace oil, seed oils and olive oil.
  • The research that has been carried out on the benefits of olive oil has been done with extra virgin olive oil, which is the highest category.
  • All olive oils (regardless of category) and all vegetable fats have no cholesterol. Plus they all have the same number of calories, regardless of how “light” or “heavy” is they taste.

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