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Ekmek kataiifi


250gr kantaif

Melted warm butter

500gr fresh unsalted traditional cottage cheese


Whipped cream (for covering)

Cinnamon powder

Rose water

100gr sugar

Almonds filet or pistachio filet (for decoration)


500gr sugar

300gr water

100gr glycoside

½ lemon

Mastic flavor (optional use adding at the end)

Sweet scented pelargonium herb that gives flavor to the syrup.


You get the ‘kantaifi’ pastry and rub together with your hands, so that it is aired.

Get an oven tray and butter it over with the help of a lathering brush.

Lay out the ‘kantaifi’ approximately 3-4cm thick to cover the entire mass of the Pyrex/tray or any other oven tool.

Apply over the entire ‘kantaifi’ surface warm butter with the help of a spoon.

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 170c for 30 approximately 30 minutes.

The ‘kantaifi’ is ready when it acquires a golden brown coloring.

Once it’s ready, spoon over the ‘kantaifi’ with lightly warmed syrup.

Allow the ‘kantaifi’ to fully cool, and then add the ‘anari’ (traditional cottage cheese) cream mixture (of ‘anari cheese’, rose water, cinnamon powder and sugar) The thickness of the filling must not be more than 2-3cm thick.

Now on top you lay a layering of whipped cream. Decorate with baked almond fillets, or pistachio fillets.


The filling can also be made up of a mixture of patisserie cream and a little bit of whipped cream.

Also, it is worth to know that the ‘Ekmek kantaifi’ also consists of a base made up of a special kind of pastry which replaces the ‘kantaifi’ pastry.


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