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December 08

Black Rice

Black rice is a type of sticky rice, commonly used in Thai and Philippines cooking. A layer of bran covers the rice grains, giving it a brown or blackish color. It is used in desserts, especially those made with coconut milk.



Pancetta is pork belly that has been salted, spiced and dried for about 3 months. It is usually used as a flavoring for dishes, added to sauces, stuffing’s and so on.



The raw beef dish known as “Carpaccio” was named after the Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio who was noted for his use of red in his paintings.

To make Carpaccio, the meat needs to be very fresh, tender and thinly sliced.


To clean your gas lighters

Open and clean the spring and insides of your gas lighter, every month, to make it last doubly longer. Just clean insides with a soft clean cloth and twig or skewer.


Basil leaves in hot beverages

Add a couple of chopped basil leaves to your morning cup of tea or milk, for relief from dry or Phlegmatic cough. Regular use is also very good for general well being.


Noodles for topping

Instant noodles, when crushed and deep-fried, make an excellent topping for soups, salads, etc.


Soften frozen puddings

Always soften the puddings a bit by removing from freezer to refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving.


Sugar for cold shakes

Use ground sugar to make thick shakes etc. so that the sugar dissolves quickly and completely in the cold milk.


To feel better from cough

A tsp. lemon juice, mixed with 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp. ginger juice, will reduce phlegmatic cough.


Morning start

A glass of warm water, to which the juice of 1 lemon, and a tsp. of honey has been added, help in weight loss if taken first thing in the morning, regularly


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