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Crab Salad

Romain lettuce leaves

1 cup chopped celery sticks

½ cup red pepper in cubes

½ cup sliced spring onion

3 soup spoons chopped fresh mint leaves

½ kilo boiled crab meat

For dressing:

½ tea spoon zest from fresh lime

3 soup spoons laim juice

1 soup spoon olive oil

1 soup spoon sugar

1 tea spoon thai fish sauce

Salt and pepper


  • Cut the romain lettuce in large pieces with hands.
  • Place the lettuce in a large salad bowl and topped with the rest ingridients.
  • Blend the ingridients for the dressing in a blender in high speed for few minutes untill became a smooth sauce.
  • Dressed the salad with dressing and serve immidiently.



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