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Christmas vasilopita



6 tea cups of flour (00)

2 tea cups of sugar

2 tea cups of shortening or (spry)

8 eggs

1 ½ cups of almonds

1 tea spoon of mixed spices

1 grated zest of orange

1 glass of orange juice

4-5 spoons of brandy

2 tea spoon of Baking Powder

½ tin of concentrated milk




Beat the butter with the eggs, the vanilla and the sugar until they become white.

Add brandy, orange zest and the flour with the Baking Powder and mixed spices.

Finally you add almonds and concentrated milk.

Put some oil on the oven tray, preferably round or rectangular and spread some flour

Put the mixture and add some more almonds on top of it.

Cook at 175c in a pre-heat oven.

When the mixture gets cold, you can write on it with sugar icing the year which comes.

Cypriots and Greek people traditionally put in the mixture coin and the person who will find it in his/her pieces, people say that he is/ she is gone a be very lucky for coming year!

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