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Christmas cake



500gr unsalted butter or any shortening (spry)

500gr brown sugar

1 vanilla

12 eggs

1 cup of honey

800gr drained traditional sweets

150gr cherries

800gr flour

450gr raisins

75gr almond kernel

50gr chopped walnuts

30gr baking powder

1 tea spoon mixed spices

5gr ginger

Little cinnamon, and clove powder

Some orange zest

Little milk




1 glass flavored brandy

200gr marmalade (apricot or orange)

½ kg marzipan


Cover paste:


3 white eggs

600-700gr icing sugar

5-6 drops lemon juice




Mix up the butter with sugar, vanilla, all herbs, and orange zest until the mixture became foam.

Then add one by one half eggs.

After you put in the mixture half of the flour and continue in same tempo for both flour and eggs.

Add the milk and at the end all home made dried sweets, nuts, brandy and raisins.

Spread a form with little oil or butter both sides and lay a butter paper on the bottom.

Put the mixture in the bake form and in preheated oven cook in 175c for 1 hour. After, you should bring the temperature in 150c for 2 hours.

When it’s ready you just leave it to cool down. Sprinkle every day with brandy.

Spread with melted marmalade and cover with marzipan.

Then do some decorations started from cover paste (regal icing or royal icing)

Use your favor celebrate decorations.

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