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August 09

Beating cream
When beating cream, hold a little back to add at the last minute.  This way, if you curdle the cream you can add the remaining liquid to return it to a perfect consistency, otherwise add it at the last stage of beating.


To get tomato sauce out of the bottle

To get tomato sauce out of the bottle don’t hit the bottom or shake it vertically.  Shake the bottle from side to side until you can see that the contents have started flowing (about 30 seconds).


To ensure fish is fresh, look for shiny eyes and body and slippery outer skin.


Filleting plaice
When filleting plaice, start on the white side, remove fillet, turn over and then the dark side will be easier to remove.

Rinse cups with honey
If you have to pour honey, molasses, corn syrup or other liquid glues into your glass measuring cup, rinse the cup with cold water first, it will be easier to wash afterwards.


Baking with apple juice
When baking, instead of using oil use an equal amount of apple sauce in the recipe.  Not only is the apple sauce less fattening but it also makes everything taste better too.


Pop corn
Soak popcorn in water for 10 minutes before popping, drain well and start popping.  Popcorn pops by turning the moisture in the kernel into steam and exploding, so give it a boost.


Fluffy pancakes
For light and fluffy pancakes, replace the liquid in the recipe with an equal amount of club soda.  Works for waffles too!


Egg shells
To prevent egg shells from cracking whilst boiling, add a pinch of salt to the water.


Lemon juice
To get the most juice out of fresh lemons, bring them to room temperature and roll them under the palm of your hand on a hard surface, before squeezing.



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