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June 2010 – Food & Sex

June 2010 – Food & Sex

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We have 2 words for you – blood circulation.  Yes you heard correctly, the best way to improve your sex life is by improving the way your blood circulates throughout your body. When someone is overweight or obese there can be a decline in sexual drive due to a decrease in blood circulation especially to parts of the body that are affected by sex. Studies have shown that being overweight or obese affects sperm production and ovulation in women.

So for things to get better weight loss is in order – so that an ‘ideal’ body weight is reached. This calls for exercise and a balanced diet.

When body weight is in check we can turn to specific foods that can affect blood circulation and even aid with stamina and mood.

Foods to try:

  1. A mixed berry smoothie which contains 2 major components necessary for blood circulation. These include fiber and antioxidants. Fiber has cholesterol lowering possibilities allowing blood to flow through our arteries without hurdles to all the parts of the body that are affected by sex. Antioxidants protect us from free radical damage (free radicals decrease the body’s ability to transfer oxygen throughout the body). By neutralizing free radicals oxygen levels remain intact and thus blood circulation maintains normal levels.

In a mixer add all of the following ingredients and blend to the consistency you like:

1 cup mixed berries

1 cup low fat yogurt

2 tablespoons linseeds

1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1 cup crushed ice

Now moving on to specifics –

Zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in sperm production.

Niacin (part of the Vitamin B family) is responsible for the release of histamines (chemical substances that create allergic reactions but that are also important in having orgasms).

Foods that are considered arousing –

Celery – contains androsterones which are known to attract women to men.

Peanut butter (or any nuts in general) – contain many monounsaturated fats which have been shown to increase the production of testosterone (male hormone). It also has been linked to better blood circulation abilities.

Raisins – contain plenty of phytoestrogens that have shown a great effect on blood circulation especially for women.

And if you don’t buy any of the above you can never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries….



















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