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Intercollege Gastronomic Seminars

Intercollege Gastronomic Seminars

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The Training development of Intercollege in cooperation with Culinary Arts Program announces four seminars, which have been approved and will be subsidize from the HRDA. The seminars below are those that offered for the B΄semester of 2007

  1. Cakes & Decorations for buffet from 08/11/2007 until 09/11/2007

  2. Japanese “Cuisine” from 15/11/2007 until 16/11/2007

  3. Organic foods through menus from 27/11/2007 until 28/11/2007

  4. Creation food flavor and taste from 04/12/2007 until 05/12/2007

All seminars will take place at Intercollege in Nicosia campus.

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