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February 2010 – Sugar Paste

February 2010 – Sugar Paste

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Machie Serghiou

Specialist in sugar graft

13, Souliou str., Shop 2&3

2018 Nicosia

Tel. 22492711





Sugar paste is the most important product used in sugar craft. It’s used for decorating cakes, sweets, cookies, brownies etc.

Personal style and imagination are used to decorate a cake. To get the best results the individual’s skill is challenged every time.

To work with sugar paste, a flat and clean surface is essential. Always knead the paste using the hands. In case it gets sticky add icing sugar, never use flour. Always work at room temperature. Warm hands make the sugar paste stickier. It can be rolled very thin, used for making delicate shapes.

Sugar paste is always kept in air tidy nylon bags, at room temperature.

Sugar paste come in quite a lot of colours like red, green, yellow, blue, white, black and many more. Different colours of sugar paste can be created by adding coloured paste. This does not change the consistency of the product. Liquid or powder colours may be used to paint or dust the sugar paste after modeling the small figures, objects or flowers. These can be stored in boxes at room temperature or refrigerated if needed.

It can be bought from wholesalers or supermarkets. If made at home, it should be used in three days.

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