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Cyprus Breakfast Seminar

Cyprus Breakfast Seminar

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Cyprus Breakfast seminar through the C.T.O , the C.S.T.I and the Travel foundation ! Many thanks to the participants – Chefs and to the Zappion restaurant for the great hosting of the event! My warmest thanks also to Mr Savvas Maliotis for organizing perfect the seminar

Taking this oportunity i would like to thank also the director of the Mili Hadjigiorgi Mr Costas Michael member of C.S.T.I for supporting us with the best flour and semoline!!!

CyrpusBreakfastSemin001.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin002.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin003.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin004.jpg CyrpusBreakfastSemin005.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin006.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin007.jpgCyrpusBreakfastSemin008.jpg

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