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Chef Andonis Charalambous looking for the second…….

Chef Andonis Charalambous looking for the second…….

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On Tuesday 23 October 2007, a team of two individuals Antonis Charalambous sous chef of hotel Le Meridien and Andrea Andreou student of Nicosia University – Intercollege, Culinary Arts Program, with escort of executive chef Le Meridien, they left from Larnaka’s airport to Slovenia in order to represent Cyprus in the world Global competition of cooking in the city Blet of Slovenia.In the competition participated.

Afterwards the expiry of competition the critical committee, which was constituted by 5 individuals and by the German chairman decided to elect the Cypriot Team first in the grades. With this position Cypriot Team past in the final world competition global chef 2008 in May to Dubai.

12 countries, which were separated in 2 teams and worked for 6, 5 hours. Base the program each team should have presented 4 at line goods of dishes for 8 times each type.

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