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Chateau Petrus and Mosimann’s night 2007

Chateau Petrus and Mosimann’s night 2007

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On Friday 15 June 2007 and Friday 2 November 2007 on Mosimann’s restaurant in London the word chateau Petrus alone, conjures up all that is luxurious and decadent; many dream of tasting such a selection of these celebrated wines, which is probably why the Mosimann’s special showcase dinners with a six-course culinary extravaganza have become such a phenomenal success. Anton Mosimann will talk on the food pairings whilst David Britton from Corney and Barrow will introduce the wines. Both will be on hand and join guests throughout the evening to ensure a truly memorable experience. The spectacularly night will be cost £1,000.00 per person



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