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A Seminar Based on “Creations with watermelon in the kitchen

A Seminar Based on “Creations with watermelon in the kitchen

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During the week of the Watermelon festival, the Board of Directors of the community of Frenaros, with the support of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, organized a seminar based on “Creations with watermelon in the kitchen”.  This specific seminar was held on the 10/07/2017 at the “Zappeion” Restaurant.  All Chefs who were presented, were delighted with this work shop, due to that they had the possibilities to see and work with unusual recipes and techniques!  Preparations and presentations were made under the guidance of the well-known Chef George Kyprianou (CyChefs) who in collaboration with his colleagues Chef Petros Athanasiou and Pastry Chef Stavros Siapanis theypresented excellent dishes and decorations.

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