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Salmon carpaccio in grilled zucchini, sour cream and coriander pesto

For salmon:

4 slices zucchini

200 gr fresh salmon

1 soup spoon lemon juice

½ tea spoon Dijon mustard

½ tea spoon chopped fresh dill

Salt and pepper

For sour cream:

150 gr fresh cream

Juice from half lemon

1 pinch wasabi powder

Salt and pepper

For coriander pesto:

½ bunch fresh coriander leaves

100 gr olive oil

2 soup spoons roasted pine nuts

50 gr parmesan cheese

½ tea spoon chopped fresh ginger

For garnish:

Lemon zest julienne

Frieze leaves

Fried cherry tomatoes

Balsamic vinegar syrup


Brush zucchinis with olive oil and cook on the grill. Leave them to cool.

Cut salmon in very small cubes and combine with the rest salmon ingredients.

Blend in mixer all the pesto ingredients until become a cream.

Lightly whip the cream and add the rest ingredients.

Give a ring shape on zucchini and fill up ¾ with salmon carpaccio.

Cover the rest with sour cream and set in the middle of the plate.

Blanch the lemon zest, cool and dry and decorate the top of sour cream with frieze leaves.

Add the fried tomatillos, glazed balsamic vinegar and serve with pesto sauce.


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