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Fruit Salad and Steam Chicken Fillet Dressed with Wasabi Mango

Cut in Cubes:


1 avocado

1 just ripe mango

200g yellow honey melon

200g watermelon

1 apple


2 chicken sausages

200g chicken breast meat steamed and diced

Wasabi mango dressing:


100 gr mayonnaise

100 gr plain yoghurt

30 gr wasabi

Freshly ground black pepper

A little lemon juice

Sugar and salt to taste

20 gr finely chopped mint leaves

20 gr finely chopped nori

Combine all cubed fruits in a salad bowl and chill in the refrigerator. (After the apple is cut, squeeze some lime juice over it to prevent discoloration.)

Grill the sausages, and then cut into cubes. Combine sausage cubes and diced chicken in a bowl. Add the wasabi mango dressing and toss. Serve immediately.


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