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Easter tsourekia


1 kilo flour farina 00

1 ½ glass sugar

1 vanilla

1 Grated orange

Some mastic powder

Some mechlep powder

5 eggs

100gr approximately leaven

175γρ φυτικό βούτυρο ή spry

Λίγο αλάτι


You knead all the ingredients together and you allow the dough to rest (rise) for 2 hours. You then knead it again and you allow it to rest for another hour always covered and somewhere warm, unless you are going to use special equipment that will raise the dough in a short amount of time.

You then separate the dough in three balls which you then turn into long, narrow, cylindrical strips which you plait.

You then leave them in the oven tray for an hour. You brush the tsourekia with egg yolk and you cook them in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes.

You can brush them in order to give them a bit of shine and taste with a warm colorless marmalade and sprinkle some almond flakes on. You can also make various stuffings, such as chestnut, almond etc.

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