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Crispy green salad with warm marinated prawn and dill vinaigrette dressing

Assorted greens cut by hand for the salad

4 large prawns

Herbed olive oil for the marinate

1 spoon chopped dill for dressing

100 ml pure olive oil

30 ml balsamic vinegar


100 gr flakes parmesan cheese


A day ahead marinate the prawns in herbed olive oil

The next day after you wash and drain the greens cut them by hand

Remove the prawns from oil and cooked them in the steamer for 5-6 minuets

Peel them and leave only the head

Mixed together the olive oil, the dill and balsamic, salt and pepper and dress the salad

Divide it 4 plates topped with the warm prawn, add the parmesan cheese and serve


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