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Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Lettuce leaves cut by hand enough for 4 salads

4 chicken fillets

Shaved parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

½ tsp black sesame seeds


For the Caesar sauce:

100 ml pure olive oil

30 ml white vinegar

1 tsp sugar

½ tsp mustard Dijon

1 egg yolk

1-2 anchovy’s fillets




In food processor put all the ingredients for the sauce and blend in high speed for few minutes until became a smooth creamy sauce

Season the fillets with salt and pepper and cook them on the grill or in oven in both sides until tender and cook

Share the lettuce leaves in four dishes, sliced the hot fillets and topped the salad. Add the parmesan flakes

Drizzled with Caesar sauce and sesame seeds and serve

Accompanied the salad with small cubes of toasted bread

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