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Black forest with morellos and cherry sauce


6 eggs

1 vanilla sugar

150 gr sugar

130 gr flour

30 gr cocoa


Mix eggs, sugar, and vanilla sugar in a bowl. Put them in mixer and blend well until become white and creamy.

Reduce the mixer speed and add the flour with cocoa slowly so you put air in the mixture.

Remove the mixture in round baking dish or pan.

Do not forget to put pastry paper on the bottom of pas to avoid any problems when you will take out the sponge.

Cook in pre heated oven on 180c for 25 minutes.


½ lt fresh cream beaten

50 ml (½ coffee cups) Kirsch liqueur

½ lt syrup (one glass sugar, ¾ glass water with the kirsch liqueur)

½ lt from the cherries syrup

400 gr cherries preserve

250 gr morellos preserve


Chocolate flakes

Cherries preserve, morellos preserve

Fresh cream

Cherrie sauce


After the sponge is cold cut it on 3 slices.

Wet the first one with some syrup.

Take the half beaten fresh cream and add it on each slice of sponge, topped with cherries and morellos preserve.

Make the same for all the slices.

With spatula cover the cake with cream, dust with chocolate chips and decorated with some fruits.


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