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The 1st Cultural & Culinary Chinese Festival

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The 1st Chinese Festival at the Limassol Marina was held with great success from the 15th until the 17th of September, where the Nicosia University and the Intercollege Food Arts Program were present. On September 18th, George Kyprianou of CyChefs undertook a gourmet tour of the 12 most famous Chefs who attended and actively participated in the Chinese festival.

Agricultural Exhibition in Nicosia

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On the 29th of September, the opening of the Agricultural Exhibition took place in Nicosia, and was held by the Minister of Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources, Mr. Nikos Kougiali. The Cypriot breakfast was presented to the Minister and the crowd by the well-known Chef (CyChefs) & B. Director of the Ministry of Education, Mr. George Kyprianou. The Cypriot breakfast, promoted by CTO and supported by CSTI and the Travel Foundation. The crowd was impressed with the whole presentation of the buffet and the traditional Cypriot dinner.

Charity Event by Arodafnousa Foundation

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On 15 October, the Anti-Cancer Association, Arodafnousa Foundation, held an excellent charity event, a boat night at the Limassol marina. The University of Nicosia and the Intercollege Food Arts Program supported the event. George (CyChefs) has always been a supporter of these charitable activities and coordinated with the trainers and students the event as they prepared and transported to the boat an impressive cocktail buffet.

Another Event held at the “Riverland” Organic Farm

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Another outstanding event held at the “Riverland” organic farm, took place on the 21st and 22nd of October where CyChefs were also present. Thousands of people and their families attended the festival. It was particularly enjoyable for young children to enjoy activities. They also enjoyed the many organic and other dishes that were prepared there with the guidance of Chef George Kyprianou and his associates.

A seminar by the CTO on the “Cyprus breakfast”

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A seminar organized by the CTO for hotel units on the promotion of the Cyprus breakfast was held with great success. The chef and teacher Giorgos Kyprianou presented the seminar. The CTO Inspector, Mrs. Elina Christofidou, also presented the objectives of this seminar. The restaurant “ZAPPION” in Deryneia, hosted the seminar, and important was the help of the Chef of the restaurant Paschalis Paschalis (owner of the Zappion) and George Koutoukas. Chefs, managers and Food & Beverage Managers were completely satisfied with the organization and the outcome.

CCA-Famagustas Charity Dinner

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A charity dinner event was held in the middle of February, with the aim to support St. Paul’s Foundation children. As always, CCA – Famagusta organized the whole event. With the support of several companies, colleagues and more than 1600 other quests, the dinner became a complete success.
Many thanks to all who so lovingly surround the institution!!

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Modern Greek Appetizers

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Several dishes of Modern Greek Kitchen were presented from the graduates of Nicosia Technical School and their teacher Mr. George Kyprianou, during a course of International Cuisine Class.

GreekFood001 GreekFood003 GreekFood002 GreekFood004

A Visit at Hadjiantonas Winery

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A visit at the famous winery “Hadjiantona” was recently conducted through the culinary arts program of Nicosia’s Technical School. The students attended a video presentation of the winery activities and they were also guided both in the laboratory and the cellar of the winery. Their teacher Mr. George Kyprianou accompanied them through all their tour!