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Nicosia treated ice-cream

Nicosia treated ice-cream

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With great success first

Feast of Ice-cream in Nicosia

 •           6.000 Young and adults assisted in the event

•           Objective becomes annual institution for Nicosia

With very big success was crowned the Feast of Ice-cream, which was organized by the Company of Tourist Growth and Projection Nicosia, for first time in Nicosia, Saturday of 26 September 2009.

With slogan “your Nicosia treats ice-cream”, 6.000 young and adults returned in the Ditch of Famagusta Gate and took part in the event enjoying free ice-cream.

To the Ceremony of beginning of the event, speakers were the Mayor Nicosia Mrs. Helen Mavrou, the Vice-president of CTO Mr G. Mintis and the Chairman of Committee of Cultural Events of Company of Tourist Growth and Projection Nicosia Mrs. Titina Loizidou.

In her speech Mrs. Mavrou gave her compliments and congratulated the organizers of the event. She said that such event is a unique one and appears and honors Nicosia.

The ice-cream, added, “was given birth” in Nicosia, therefore we want this Feast of Ice-cream to rendered institution for the capital.

In the same wavelength were also the greetings of Mr Minti and Mrs. Loizidou, who expressed the success of the event and congratulated all the members of the committee.

nicicecream1 nicicecream2

The visitors enjoyed rock music from the group Midnight Hour! All visitors were impressed by the historical report, exhibition of photographs and ice cream equipments that concerned the history of ice-cream in Cyprus. In, by the photographic material that was presented were appeared the first Cypriot suppliers of ice cream and first industries of ice-cream from the beginning of 20th century up to today.

Very impressive was also the presence of Cychefs where they distributed forms of briefing and recipes presented with escort of Cypriot ice-cream. The Instructor George Kyprianou gave advices to the quest, how to use ice-cream in recipes. That happens in a special kiosk. George presented the book “Aroma & color in the kitchen”, which have written it in cooperation with his friend and colleague, executive chef Antonis Nicolaou.

Children passed very pleasantly watching the clown, painting ice cream and participated in other entertainments. In generally all guest were very happy and the enjoyed the feast of ice cream.

The all event became under the aegis of Minister of Tourism, Nicosia Municipality, the narrow collaboration of CTO and the support of Cyprus Ice-cream association.

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