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How to Get Rid of Those Extra Kilos

How to Get Rid of Those Extra Kilos

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Summer is a season that is often synonym to vacation. Increased sunshine improves our mood and favors socializing. Evening outings for dinner or just a drink are one of the main socializing aspects of Cypriot’s lives. So it’s unavoidable to gain a couple of kgs by the end of each summer.

It’s extremely important to keep our phsychology high,  for us to be able to get rid of those extra pounds by setting new nutrition targets, in this way we will be able to get rid of those extra pounds without risking our well being or undermining our health.

Express diets promising rapid results cannot guarantee that you will enjoy your new body weight for long, whilst at the same time they put our health at risk. Every effort to reduce body weight should be done in co ordination with our dietician. Magazines, websites as well as other professionals are not trained to lead us with safety to our desired reduced weight. .

9 New Targets related to our Nutrition


  • Consume 2 salads a day (400 gr of vegetables/day)
  • Drink 1.5 l of water
  • Have a fruit as a snack within the day (before 17.00)
  • Prefer fish and skimmed meat.
  • Aerobic exercise 4x wekk , for at least 2-3 months
  • Reduce consumption of soft drinks, ice cream & coffee.
  • Choose whole grain cereal , brown rice, pourgour, oven baked potato with the skin.
  • Avoid French fries.
  • Reduce calorie consumption , with a minimum of 1400 calories, as such you will still receive essential vitamins and minerals through your daily diet.

If you are looking to loose more than 2-3 kgs then is best to consult a professional and follow a personalized nutrition plan drafted by your dietician

It’s of extreme importance to find the diet that will not deprive our organism from essential nutrients, since this would result in over eating and diet denial.


Good Luck!


Anastasia Stavrou
Dietician – Nutritionist
San Sousi 7, Flat 3, 2003, Nicosia , Tel 22 377 303

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