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Famagusta’s CCA Charity Dinner Event

Famagusta’s CCA Charity Dinner Event

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The Famagusta C.C.A charity dinner, with a goal to financially support the foundation of Saint Paul for children with special abilities, took place on Thursday the 28th of February at the main ballroom hall of ZI.DI.PA in Liopetri, for the 12th year on the row, with great success.

Over one thousand people honored the dinner with their presence and the whole evening was overflowed out of love for these children who need so much to be loved.

At this event Mr.Andreas Kyriakou Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “St. Paul” and Mr. Panikos Chajitofis the CCA President, gave speeches.

The event was under the auspices of the Bishop of Kyrenia Chrysostomou and the Mayors of Ayia Napa, Deryneia, Paralimni and Sotira.

Forty Members of the Famagusta CCA prepared the dishes and renew their appointment for the next year.

The committee of the C.C.A. would like to express their warmest gratitude to all the members and to those who contributed in the organization of this event, especially the Famagusta Provincial Mr. Niko Stylianou for organizing and coordinating the effort.

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